interested in looking at homes for sale?

1. Choose a Chelan Realtor that you are comfortable with. 
Call them and have a short conversation about what you are looking for and any particular area of the Lake Chelan Valley you’re interested in. From this conversation you can get a feel if you are a good match as Home Buyer and Realtor.

2. Get to know the Chelan Area.
The Lake Chelan Valley is small but diverse. Obviously many people like to live along the waterfront but of course the cost of waterfront homes or lots vs view homes or lots can be dramatically different. The valley also has a wide range of country living settings that attract many buyers. One of the nice things about the Chelan Valley is that there is a lot of hillside along both north and south shores of the lake. You can have anything from a small lot to a 100 acre orchard or vineyard and have a view.

3. Get Pre-Approved
By Getting pre-approved you can take the guesswork out of what your price range is. You’ll know exactly what homes fit your budget and you can spend your time looking at homes or lots that fit within those parameters.

4. Make Sure to Get Agreements in Writing
That’s where it pays to have an experienced Realtor. Our job is to make that everything is clear between the buyer and seller so there are no unwelcome issues that arise after the sale.

Team Lake Chelan has the experience and knowledge of the Lake Chelan Valley you can rely on. Whether you’re interested in waterfront or view property, we can help you with all Lake Chelan area real estate. Feel free to call us and ask any questions, even if it’s just where to get a good meal.