Lake Chelan Condos

People often ask us, "What do you think are the best condos for vacation rentals?" The correct answer to that is, "It all depends on what you hope to do with the property."

If you want to mostly use the property for yourself and an occasional rental here and there, pick the property you enjoy the most for your family. With that here are a few other items to consider:

1. If you like to be on the South-shore and want affordable, but don't need a big view, just a place to hang your hat, it's Chelan Resort Suites. They are affordable and have a year-round pool as well as quick access to the waterfront of Lakeside Park. OR if you are lucky enough to get into a condo at Pleasant Beach (they rarely come up) that is a WIN! The waterfront area is sandy, there is a pool and hot tub, and it is pet and family friendly. Next there is Peterson's Waterfront Resort which is very desirable. They offer sport courts, a large lawn, pool and BBQ areas and is located within walking distance to town, however you need to leave your pet at home.

2. If you prefer the heat of the North-shore and want to be able to walk to downtown amenities look into the Cabanas at lake Chelan or Park Pointe for affordability. Both complexes have pools and are just steps from the great waterfront of Don Morris Park, bowling, mini-golf, groceries and more. Park Pointe units provide larger spaces for families and two parking spots- one covered, views vary so be sure to go look at them.

3. Still on the North-shore and want to do year-round rentals for income? Look into Lake Chelan Shores. Their amenities are the best in the area with 5 pools, large lawns, indoor rec center and workout room, sport courts, boat launch, they also have a year-round pool and hot tub which lures your winter guests. Buildings and units vary here by who has owned them and remodeled, so take time to go see them. Rental income can be very strong depending on unit location and quality.

4. If you want downtown and the entertainment scene, The Grandview should be on your list. Just over the old bridge, it is steps away from shops, restaurants and night-life. Owners here enjoy a healthy income, especially if their unit is updated and has a quality view.

There are other condos out there if you keep a sharp eye out, but these are the most common complexes. With all rental properties you want o consider your needs, location, and most importantly who will be managing it? That will greatly affect your income. Check into local management companies because prices and services vary! Contact us if you are interested in always we are happy to help.